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Iselux® Isethionate Surfactants for Optimum Sulfate-Free Cleansing with Data Sheet & Formula

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Iselux® (INCI: Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate) is an extremely mild high-performing sulfate-free surfactant. It produces luxurious, creamy lather and offers impressive formulation flexibility in a range of products from shampoos to hand soaps. Iselux is largely derived from renewable resources and is readily biodegradable. It is also available as RSPO Mass Balance certified material.

The perceived benefits of sulfate-free systems has led to increased product launches over the past decade; to meet this trend, Innospec developed Iselux, available as solid flakes or as minimum 32% active solution with a choice of preservative systems.

Innospec also created concentrated performance blends for simple, quick and easy formulation and manufacture of cleansing products.

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To learn how to formulate with Iselux®, DOWNLOAD our detailed Data Sheet which includes information on foaming profile, color retention, thickening and pH stability, plus a formula!



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