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Rapid, Silicone-free Fine Line and Wrinkle Filler

Ashland Specialty Ingredients
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Introducing the solution to crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Modern customers want to be selfie- and life-ready at a moment’s notice, and they expect their cosmetics to provide both rapid and enduring fine line and wrinkle correction. Ashland’s new patent-pending Optimage™ SF microgel is designed to apply to crow’s feet and under the eyes, enabling rapid and clinically validated improvement with enduring effect on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Optimage™ SF microgel achieves this due to its unique gel-matrix composition, which has affinity to skin and adapts to wrinkle topology.  Optimage™ SF microgel technology is soft, silicone-free, pre-dispersed, robust in formulation and is provided as an easy-to-add liquid that offers cost-effective wrinkle relief versus silicone.



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