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A New Active That Reverses Glycation

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Glycation is the process where sugar and protein molecules combine haphazardly, which creates disorder within the skin. When these sugar-protein bonds become more permanent over time, they form new molecules called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). Glycated tissue becomes tough and inflexible, leading to wrinkles in the skin and the accumulation of AGEs eventually leads to a visible yellowing or sallowness.

Additionally, these AGEs then produce large numbers of damaging free radicals, thereby compounding the damage within the skin. Once these bonds have been created and the damage has been done, it has been irreversible ... until now.

Collrepair™ DG (INCI: Niacin (and) Salvia Miltiorrhiza Leaf Extract) is a revolutionary breakthrough for deglycation, or the removal of AGEs because it is able to actually break glycated crosslinkages both intracellularly and extracellularly. Intracellular glycation causes fibroblasts to become rigid and they lose the ability to properly produce structural proteins, while extracellular glycation has a direct impact on the functionality of the structural proteins that are already present within the skin. By preventing and repairing this glycation damage, Collrepair™ DG is clinically proven to remove approximately 20 years worth of AGE accumulation in 60 to 69-year-olds, approximately 17 years worth of sallowness (yellowing) and improve skin elasticity.



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