AGC Chemicals' Solespheres Boost SPF

Agc Chemicals Sole Sphere

AGC Chemicals has developed the Solesphere product line of microsphere silica gels to boost SPF in cosmetics and skin care formulations while using fewer ingredients such as actives.

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The Solesphere brand H-52 and H-53 (INCIs: Silica) gels contain large pores and an increased surface area to scatter light, which means less UV-absorbing ingredients are needed in formulations.

According to the company, formulations made with Solesphere H-52 and H-53 silica gels are less likely to lose SPF effectiveness over time because they are less dependent on active ingredients. Furthermore, the gels enable moisture and oil absorption, heat resistance and a smooth application texture.

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Solesphere products are claimed to be safe for both humans and aquatic life. Since the ingredients are made from amorphous silica, they are corrosion-free and safe for the environment and human contact.

Solesphere H-52 has a 10 µm pore diameter and an oil absorption level of 300 mL/g, while Solesphere H-53 has an 11 µm pore diameter and an oil absorption level of 400 mL/g.

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