Cosmetics & Toiletries Formulary: Sun Protection


As we settle into January, cold temperatures loom and consumers will soon hope to escape to a tropical paradise. Consider the following sun formulas to help protect them. For additional formulas and a free directory of ingredients, visit the Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference.

Sun Care

Essential Defense Facial Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF

BASF Corp.

This anti-pollution moisturizer provides broad-spectrum UV protection. Mariponics PSR, a marine algae extract, offers beneficial interactions with the biological sentinels of the skin, helping to protect against pollution and maintain skin’s vitality. Z-Cote LSA is a sun protection ingredient that is derived naturally from the earth’s crust. It provides a physical barrier against aggressive UVA and UVB radiation damage, while newly launched Emulgade Sucro Plus, a natural-based emulsifier, improves formulation stability. This moisturizer's multi-action age defenders intercept damage before it starts.

Sun Care

W/O Multi-Cultural Under Eye Concealer SPF50 + Broad Spectrum


Don’t let under-eye circles keep consumers in the dark. This multi-cultural, under-eye concealer with SPF is the perfect remedy for dark circles. Sensasil PCA assists in spreadability and delivers a long-lasting, silky after-feel. The high SPF is achieved using Solaveil XT-300 in the oil phase, Solaveil XT-40W in the water phase and SolPerForm 100, which provides even coverage. Available in light, medium and dark shades, this under-eye concealer is suited for any ethnicity.

Sun Care

Water-in-Oil SPF 40 Sunscreen Spray

The Hallstar Company

Featured in this formula is HallBrite EZ-FLO TDX, a highly fluid dispersion that leverages the benefits of photo-protected titanium dioxide with an industry-leading mineral UV filter aesthetic. It was developed using a patent-protected metal oxide coating system with Hallstar’s photostability technology. This water-in-oil sunscreen spray provides broad-spectrum sun protection without organic UV filters. The HallBrite BHB included in the dispersion aids in UV filter solubility and enhances product feel. SolaStay S1 also mitigates the photocatalytic and reactive oxygen species-generating activities of titanium dioxide. In vitro analysis suggests an SPF ~45, a PFA (PPD) ~12 performance with a critical wavelength of 376 nm.

Sun Care

Water-in-Oil Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 JZ10-148

The Hallstar Company

This formula highlights HallBrite EZ-FLO TDX, which as noted above, is a highly fluid dispersion that leverages the benefits of photo-protected titanium dioxide with an industry-leading mineral UV filter aesthetic. In one-person, in vivo testing this formula yielded a static SPF of 57.6 and PFA 23.4 in a U.S. lab. In vitro analysis suggests an SPF ~58, a PFA (PPD) ~17, and a PA ++++ performance with a critical wavelength of 374 nm. This formula also passed a two-hour water resistance test in vitro.

Skin Care



This low viscosity, o/w emulsion imparts an in vitro SPF of 50 and blue light protection while giving a glowing and moisturized skin finish. A sophisticated morning moisturizer, it provides all-day protection. Its lightweight texture is appropriate for the face, neck and décolleté—any areas of the body potentially exposed to blue light from electronic devices or indoor LED lighting. Since the formula contains sunscreen ingredients, it should not come into contact with the eyes. Furthermore, makeup can be applied over it.

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