SC Group Highlights SpecBio Ectoine for Skin Barrier Benefits

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Image by mizina at Adobe Stock

SC Group (Spec-Chem Industry Inc.) highlights its natural cell-protecting agent for skin: SpecBio Ectoine (INCI: Ectoin).

Ectoin is reportedly the most prominent osmolyte in nature, helping organisms to survive extreme conditions in order to restore their normal cell volume. One source even described ectoin as "new niacinamide."

See archived: Ectoine, Excessive Washing and a 'Clean' Surfactant Formula: Gentle Cleansing in the Literature

SpecBio Ectoine is reported to promote collagen synthesis, defend against photoaging and provide lasting moisturizing effects. Additional claims include anti-allergy and soothing effects.

The highly polar amino acid is obtained by fermentation and is EcoCert and COSMOS approved.

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