Clarins Addresses Climates with Cloudberry, Katafray Bark and Sorbier Tree Extract

Groupe Clarins has introduced a line of moisturizers that is said to transcend the world's climates with ingredients such as katafray bark, pomegranate extract and Arctic cloudberry. HydraQuench Multi-Climate reportedly is blended to allow consumers to choose the formulation that fits their type of skin and local climate.

The line offers options for normal, combination, dry and very dry skin in addition to offering options for hot cold and temperate climates. The line includes products such as Cooling Cream-Gal Normal to Combination skin or Hot Climates, Rich Cream Very Dry Skin or Cold Climates and Intensive Serum Bi-Phase Dehydrated Skin. 

Key ingredients formulated into the line include katafray bark to increase fillagrin production, thereby improving moisturization; a wheat complex that contains two forms of hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture; sorbier tree extract to regulate the size of blood capillaries and the company's Clarins' E3P complex to to protect skin from electromagnetic waves and pollution.

Further addressing climates, the hot climate cream-gel incorporates pomegranate extract to tighten dilated pores while the the cold climate cream is formulated Arctic cloudberry for its essential fatty acid content.

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