New Ingredients in Anti-cellulite Formulations

Caffeine and algae are fairly standard ingredients formulated into anti-cellulite products. Some of the latest anti-cellulite launches, however, are being formulated with ingredients such as birch oil or sap, ruscus, juniper berries, oil of cypress and bayberries. These alternatives reportedly have seen positive results. 

Carita Progressif Anti-Age Corps Sérum Sculpteur is a cream-gel that is quickly absorbed in the skin. Although it is positioned more as an antiaging product, the product does offer anti-cellulite benefits. The caffeine-based formula also contains rose tea extract, soy proteins, cat's claw, ruscus, birch sap and Japanese mushroom. The birch oil incorporated into the product comes from the inner bark of a Birch tree. The oil is pale yellow and has an aroma similar to wintergreen.

Meanwhile, ruscus, an evergreen shrub adorned with red berries that is native to Western and Southern Europe, is incorporated into the serum for its anti-cellulite action. It has been said to facilitate the elimination of toxins for an optimal draining effect. Similarly, rose tea extract is said to be included to sculpt the legs, visibly reducing the orange peel look. The product includes instructions for simple massage techniques from the Carita Maison de Beauté.

Vinothérapie by Caudalíe Contouring Concentrate is an anti-cellulite treatment with 100% plant extracts and essential oils. The product helps to drain cellulite and return tone and elasticity to the skin. The Vinothérapie Spa range is inspired by professional Vinothérapie Spa treatments. Created to deeply renew the skin, the products include concentrated plant extracts for efficacy. The range contains  plant extracts that serve as active ingredients including: grape seed oil to moisturize; essential oils of juniper berries to tone, geranium, rosemary,  essential oils of lemon and lemongrass to drain; and essential oil of cypress to improve circulation. The cypress essential oil has been used widely in men’s colognes and also for its emotional benefits of easing grief. 

Green People Organic Spa’s Triple Action Cellulite Lotion is a noninvasive organic formula containing a patented herbal extract of bayberries. Bayberries come from an aromatic tree and shrub family called Myricaceae. The gray waxy berries are often used to make scented candles and soaps, but they are also clinically proven to remove and prevent cellulite. The firming lotion contains a blend of active therapeutic plant extracts and essential oils that tighten, tone and release accumulated fluid and built-up toxins.

 —Taya Seline, Mintel

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