Agarose Self-tanning Lotion

Deveraux Specialties LLC

Dihydroxyacetone 10.00%w/w
Alcohol 7.50
Propylene Glycol 3.00
Glycerin 3.00
Methylparaben 0.20
Ethylparaben 0.05
Agarose (SeaPure Agarose, Cambrex/FMC BioPolymer) 0.40
Water (aqua) 75.85

Procedure: Combine A to form a thin paste. Separately disperse B into C using constant agitation. Heat to boiling with agitation. Cool the mixture to 75°C and replace any water lost by evaporation. On a small scale, heat to boiling in a microwave oven using a glass rod to stir intermittently. Avoid overheating by using short bursts of power. Pour A into BC and stir until the mixture is clear. Provide external cooling to the container, and using agitation that does not draw air into the solution, lower its temperature to 20—25°C, increasing the stirrer speed as the mixture turns hazy and thickens.

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