Olive Skin Lotion

B&T Srl

Dyglycerol mono-olivate (and) microcrystalline wax (and) zinc stearate (and) hydrogenated olive oil (and) olea europaea (olive) fruit oil (and) olea europaea (olive) oil unsaponifiables (Sensoliv MD, B&T Srl) 5.00%w/w
Simmondia chinensis oil (jojoba) seed oil 2.00
Isononyl isonanoate 10.00
Paraffinum liquidum (mineral) oil 2.00
Cyclomethicone 3.00
Coco-caprylate/caprate 5.00
Water (aqua) 67.00
Glycerin 5.00
Magnesium sulphate 1.00
Heptahydrate 1.00
Preservative qs
Fragrance (parfum) (Sun Fresh 5265, IFF) qs

Procedure: Prepare A and B separately and warm up to 75°C. Add B to A under agitation at 75°C. Homogenize for a few minutes. Add C to batch at 40°C. Cool with gentle stirring.

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