Weakened Skin Strengthened via Barrier-boosting Active


Terlys' new youth-inspiring active helps to restore the skin, for use in products targeted at weakened, damaged, very dry or irritated skin, including aftershave and tattoo care.

Nixalin (INCI: Betulin) is based on Canadian white birch bark, and is rich in betulin, which helps to improve skin conditions. The sustainable ingredient can reportedly:

  • Restore and protect skin barrier function;
  • Provide regenerative action, including the synthesis of collagens IV and VII;
  • Reduce chronic inflammation;
  • Strengthen blood vessels to reduce rosacea and couperose;
  • Soothe skin; and
  • Enhance skin tone.

The preservative-free ingredient can be utilized in anti-aging and after-sun skin care, along with in cleansing oils and other restorative applications.

Nixalin launched at NYSCC Suppliers' Day, held in New York City May 7-8, 2019.

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