Clariant Polymer Delivers Sensory Effects to Challenging Formulations


Ooh la la—Clariant’s recent launch, Aristoflex Silk (INCI: Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate), is intended to give personal care products a soft, silky skin feel.

The pre-neutralized, powder ingredient has a wide pH range of 2–11, and is reportedly easy to incorporate and disperse in either oil or water phases. Clariant notes it can be used to maintain desired sensory effects in challenging formulations whereby formulators need to go beyond current salt and pH limitations.

According to the company, the multifunctional polymer can be utilized in both emulsions and emulsifier-free formulations and gels. Clariant recommends use in applications such as sun care; self-tanning and skin-whitening products; face and eye creams; detoxing face masks; and other tricky-to-formulate products.

“Aristoflex Silk’s sensory profile plus formulation advantages will help formulators to now deliver the emotional application experience consumers crave, for highly functional and protective products. Available globally, it will be a tempting new option for brands offering the same skin care product the world over, from detox masks to skin-whitening serums,” said Ralf Zerrer, global head of Innovation and Strategic Marketing at Clariant ́s Industrial and Consumer Specialties Business.

The ethylene oxide-free polymer joins Clariant’s existing lineup of Aristoflex rheology modifiers, and is China-approved.

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