European Facial Skin Care In A Slump

The European skin care market saw only a slight increase in sales for 2005. Out of the large five European skin care markets: Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and Italy, few showed a large gain. France, the largest skin care market in Europe, saw a slight increase in their sales, .7 percent increase for 2005, based on data from the Federation des Industries de la Parfumerie.

 Although Germany’s increase was substantially smaller, .2 percent increase for 2005 according to IRI, at $661 million, its sales paled in comparison to France’s $2.3 billion.

The champion of the skin care market in Europe was Italy, with a 4.8 percent growth in sales to $1.3 billion, according to trade association Unipro. The UK, however, saw a drop 0.6 percent to $900 million, according to Taylor Nelson Sofres.

Although a few of the European market saw a decline in their sales for 2005, Spain triumphed with an inflated growth rate of 19 percent. However, their growth rate in sales to $196 million, according to ACNielson, may have been influenced by their pharmaceutical sales.

-The ICMAD Digest, April 2006 

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