How Targeting the Long Non-Coding RNA “nc886” Can Lead to Skin Rejuvenation


By targeting nc886, a long non-coding RNA whose level of expression has been demonstrated to dramatically decrease in the skin after a person turns 40-years-old, the newly developed active ingredient Epseama™ efficiently fights the signs of aging.

Thanks to Epseama, nc886 recovers a proper level of expression, thus inhibiting the production of MMP-9 and inducing the production of collagen IV. This active also boosts the production of collagen VII and XVII and laminin 5, to improve skin structure. As a result, difficult-to-remove nasolabial wrinkles can be decreased by up to -19% in volume and 10% in roughness in only one month. Pigmented spots are also reduced by 10% and skin hydration increased by 14.2%, for a rejuvenated look. For these results and its innovative pathway, Epseama was granted the silver prize at the BSB Innovation Awards during in-cosmetics Global 2019.

To better understand the mechanism of action of Epseama, check out our new video here!


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