Powerful Active Ingredient Tackles Hypersensitive Skin


Indoor and outdoor pollution, stress, weather change, allergens… all these factors and even more are increasing skin sensitivity in the global population. They stimulate skin irritation mediators and lead to nerve fiber elongation and histamine release. As a result, itchy sensations appear, as well as redness and skin dryness. If nothing is done to regulate this process, a vicious circle is set in place, going from irritation to itching and scratching, and ultimately skin barrier function is altered.

In order to calm hypersensitive and atopic-prone skins, Clariant Active Ingredients developed Eosidin™. This well characterized active ingredient, extracted from unripe Citrus unshiu originating from Jeju Island in South Korea, targets irritation process triggered by pollutants at each step, from IL-4 production to histamine release by mast cells.

Eosidin repairs skin barrier function and reduces hypersensitivity condition, even for people suffering from atopic-prone skin. After only 2 weeks of treatment, volunteers felt a strong decrease in skin itchiness and dryness.


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