Experiencing Silky Smooth Texture from Nature


Texture and sensory attributes of cosmetic products today are as important as concepts, benefits and performances, being acknowledged as key elements to engage consumers for products’ in-use experience.

Cropure™ Mango Butter offers emollient properties to enhance sensory in formulations and unlocks the power of natural oils, optimizing the moisturizing and conditioning effects on the skin and hair. Learn more.

About the Technology: Cropure™ Mango Butter, a highly purified cosmetic oil which can be used to tailor specific texture and sensory properties in various types of formulations. It is more inert to oxidation challenges versus conventional grade oils which are naturally unstable to oxidation. Our proprietary Super Refined™ technology purifies oils to improve stability and aesthetics without altering the fundamental triglyceride profile. This technology unlocks the inherent problem of using higher amounts in cosmetics, where at the right level of dosage consumers can experience nourishment and the real texture of oils.


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