Clariant Leverages Defensive Properties of Camellia Japonica Flower


Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, recently relaunched its innovative skin defender against pollution and aging, RedSnow™, after conducting tests demonstrating its efficacy on the effects of air pollution on skin.

Air pollutants are major skin agitators, triggering biological responses which cause harmful oxidative stress, collagen breakdown and ultimately premature aging.  

RedSnow is extracted from the red Camellia japonica flower, or “rose of winter,” which blooms while there is snow on the ground. Harvested on Jeju Island, South Korea—a UNESCO biosphere reserve—the flower is rich in polyphenol, a known antioxidant.

In an innovative approach, tests investigated how biological responses to pollutants contribute to the acceleration of premature aging, in addition to how RedSnow’s broad spectrum and antioxidant capabilities successfully combatted PM2.5 and PM10, heavy metals and PAH. 

In a further clinical study on volunteers in Seoul, South Korea, significant improvements in dermal density and hydration and reductions in roughness and wrinkles were seen.

While effects of air pollution on beauty aspirations have become a major concern for consumers, through formulation into a variety of facial care products, RedSnow has shown itself to be a protective force against aging.  


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