Holistic Hydration: More Than a Quick Fix


Although hydration is a staple of face care in Asia and increasingly in the West, there’s still more to know about its potential for long-lasting effectiveness. Beauty experts confirmed that many people still believe moisturizers can only provide a temporary fix for a permanent condition. Compelling narratives around deep, sustained hydration are still lacking and the widespread consumer need for a lasting solution is as yet unmet. This leaves a real opportunity for brands to deliver more potent hydration products, as well as products that leverage the power of hydration to solve other skin concerns. 

Request our report to discover how one ingredient is uniquely addressing this need. PENTAVITIN®’s intelligent hydration system initially acts as a moisture magnet, instantly trapping moisture in the skin. Then, it balances the natural moisture factors in the skin to maintain hydration for up to 72 hours, relieving dryness and keeping it at bay. 


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