Our Volunteers Feel Happier


We have evaluated how happier our volunteers feel after using our moisturising active Aquaxtrem™, learn how!


The main concern regarding personal care, for people aged 55+, is dry/flaky skin. It is not only a question of image, but it can also have a negative impact on their quality of life, because it can generate feelings of discomfort, tightness and pruritus.

With the hydrating power of Aquaxtrem™, that stimulates the skin’s own mechanisms to balance its moisture, we make people more comfortable and happier in their skin.

The new in vivo tests that were performed, demonstrate how seniors feel their skin is more comfortable using Aquaxtrem™ and it has a positive impact in their well-being. 

It is possible to measure this sense of "comfort" using FACS analysis (Facial Action Coding System). FACS is based on analysis of the face's micro expressions.

Using a formula exclusively developed for the Provital Group, the results show how our volunteers increased their happiness 3,6 points over 5 possible, hydrating the skin and reducing the discomfort. 


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