Say goodbye to age spots for brighter radiance


UV exposure is widely considered as a major cause of skin pigmentation, melasma and age spots. When UV penetrates through the epidermis to reach the basal layer of the skin where melanocytes reside, the complex mechanism of melanogensis is triggered, leading to the formation of melanosomes, which are then transported and distributed to neighboring karatinocytes.

GenoWhiteTM (INCI: Acetyl glycyl β-alanine), an advanced whitening peptide in pure powder form (≥99%), is clinically proven to impart outstanding spot-correcting and skin tone evening effects in just 14 days.

GenoWhiteTM effectively interrupts five levels of signaling pathway in skin pigmentation by:

  1. Inhibiting keratinocyte derived factors stem cell factor by 61.3% and endothelin-1 by -91.7%, both of which play an important role in the cross talk between keratinocytes and melanocytes to trigger the melanogenesis 
  2. Downregulating a key melanogenesis regulator MITF mRNA by -39.0%
  3. Reducing the activity of three melanin-generating enzymes tyrosinase, TRP-1 and TRP-2 by 79.1%, 42.1% and 91.9%, respectively
  4. Interrupting melanosome transport by downregulating Mlph expression by 69.1%
  5. Reducing the uptake of melanosomes by keratinocytes by 55.1%

In vivo Age Spot Reducing Test

To evaluate the effectiveness in reducing noticeable age and dark spots, 10 female volunteers aged from 25 to 50 years old applied 2% GenoWhite™ cream twice a day. The figure shows the average reduction of age spots reached 41.14% in just 14 days, and after 28 and 56 days, the age spots continued to reduce to 63.37% and 73.07%, respectively. Most of the visible spots became lighter and almost disappeared.

Corum Ct Image 1

Image analysis of an age spot demonstrates that 2% GenoWhite™ cream can reduce the size of the spot by 37.5%, 75.54% and 83.68% on day 14, day 28 and day 56, respectively. Results are considered statistically significant and show that GenoWhite™ has an excellent efficacy for spot correction in just 14 days.

Corum Ct Image 2

In vivo Full Face Lightening Test

To further evaluate the efficacy of 2% GenoWhiteTM on hyperpigmentation reduction, a study was conducted on 20 female volunteers aged between 25 to 50 years old with visible hyperpigmented areas on their faces. Results demonstrate that GenoWhite™ can increase L* (luminance) value associated with skin lightening up to 13.16% in 14 days, and continue to increase to 23.34% and 35.79% in 28 and 56 days, respectively. Furthermore, the study also shows that the skin complexion became more even out with the reduction of spots and blemishes on volunteers’ faces.

GenoWhite™ stability is tested under various conditions (RT, 4°C, 45°C and under sunlight) and across a pH range of 2.55-6.0.

GenoWhite™ is an extremely safe and potent whitening active that is completely stable and easy to formulate in cosmetic formulations.  

Claim Benefits:

  • Skin lightening/whitening
  • Reduce dark spots
  • Improve skin clarity
  • Even out skin tone
  • Prevent pigmentation


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