Dermagenist™ Reawakens Fibroblast Beauty Potential

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We all have potential for beautiful skin. This beauty potential is locked deep within our skin cells’ genetic makeup. Even with the visible signs of aging, our skin still holds this beauty potential within, lying dormant. BASF has found a way to reverse the signs of aging and reawaken the skin through an epigenetic mechanism.

Fibroblasts hold the keys to producing components of the dermis matrix that give our skin many of its youthful properties. However, our lifestyles can alter this potential and accelerate skin aging via epigenetic modifications. DNA methylation is one form of epigenetic modification; it can be thought of as a stop sign placed in front of genes.

Methylation Silences Fibroblasts

As aging occurs, DNA methylation drift increases the amount of DNA promoter methylation. These methylation stop signs cause the gene to be expressed less, thus causing lower protein production. While the fibroblasts’ genetic code is not changed, following methylation, the fibroblasts can become “dormant” and their metabolic capacity is reduced. The power of beauty is still there, but no longer expressed.

The optimal functioning of fibroblasts encompasses both the production of extracellular matrix proteins such as collagen, and a mechanical function. Fibroblast cytoskeletons, which are largely formed by actin fibers, give them good traction strength and a better connection to the extracellular matrix. A dense actin cytoskeleton gives the fibroblasts good contractility and vitality, enabling them to synthesize the components of the dermal matrix correctly. This ability declines with age.

Aging and environmental factors can lead to a decrease in collagen and the loss of dermal density. In turn, the skin loses its tone. Thus, to effectively reverse the signs of aging and protect us against lifestyle damage, BASF experts undertook an extensive screening project to uncover a botanical extract to rejuvenate and awaken the fibroblasts, yielding skin that is more dense and firm.

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Spanish Marjoram Awakenings

Dermagenist™ is a preservative-free powder made from an extract of organic, Spanish grown marjoram leaves extracted with a proprietary process to concentrate and enrich the extract with the polyphenols Vicenin and Luteolin-7-0-glucuronide. Dermagenist™ restores each fibroblast’s metabolic function by inhibiting the environmentally driven methylation of genes to increase gene promoter activity and reactivate gene expression.

In addition to increasing pro-collagen synthesis, Dermagenist™ stimulates key proteins involved in pro-collagen maturation and functionalization, filling extracellular spaces with a fully organized three-dimensional collagen network. It also strengthens cells’ actin cytoskeleton to re-establish their mechanic function of strong adhesion and contractility.

Dermagenist™ is clinically proven to work: The skin’s density and firmness are significantly improved. A youthful-looking appearance lies deep within the fibroblasts. Dermagenist™ injects vitality back into skin cells and awakens the skin’s dormant beauty.

Key Actions

Dermagenist™ is the first active ingredient that awakens fibroblasts by protecting them from deleterious epigenetic modifications and by stimulating their vitality.

  • Revitalizes fibroblast architecture, stimulates cell tonicity: fibroblasts are awakened, their optimum activity restored.
  • Reactivates gene expressions and awakens cell’s youthful epigenetic pattern acting through the inhibition of DNA methylation.
  • Restores the optimum fibroblast machinery for an improved neo-collagen network.
  • Significantly redensifies and firms the skin in vivo, restoring a naturally more youthful appearance.


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