Safeguarding Skin with Anti-Pollution Ingredients at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day!


The skin is the first line of defense against the environment. ChiaProtect and Vegeluron® Gel can help boost anti-pollution activity in your skincare formulations.

ChiaProtect from Cobiosa is a natural source of anti-antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. It calms skin discomfort and itching and reduces skin redness in sensitive skins. Its protective and preventive effect is also associated with an increase of the skin elasticity and an improvement of the skin barrier function.

Vegeluron® Gel forms a soft hydrating film which protects the skin and the hair from the environmental stresses. Its superior moisturizing effect and its high water retention capacity are particularly appreciated in urban life (dry atmosphere with air conditioning) and dry environment.

Visit us at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day booth # 1443 for more information.



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