TCMS Transparent Beauty Offers IP for Automated Deposition of Cosmetics


TCMS Transparent Beauty, LLC is soliciting bids for the sale of its extensive patent portfolio in the field of the automated real-time deposition of cosmetics and skin care products.

“Transparent Beauty technology creates a more natural beauty through visual noise canceling.  It applies tiny puffs only to imperfections for a dramatic improvement that does not look or feel like makeup,” David Iglehart, CEO of TCMS, said.  “This effect, only possible through computer-controlled deposition, reveals the natural aesthetic of health, youth, and beauty already present in a woman’s skin, as demonstrated below using a prototype applicator.”

The TCMS IP portfolio comprises 55 issued patents, 1 patent allowed, 4 patents pending, in the US and worldwide, covering 

  • Digital sensing
  • Computer calculation of enhancements
  • Targeted deposition
  • Multiple-pass deposition to avoid overcorrection
  • Networked devices for remote analysis of skin data

For detailed information on the TCMS IP portfolio, please contact David Iglehart at [email protected].


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