On Demand Firming for a Photo-Ready Face


TRI-K Industries, Inc. has developed a natural, non-GMO protein-based optimized solution to lift and smooth skin with a single application. Consumer behaviors and expectations are changing as a result of easier access to social media, e-mail and online retail through the use of smartphones. The growing reliance on technology is creating a sense of entitlement to fast, simple and efficient experiences, thus fueling an on demand lifestyle. Smartphones have also given rise to a new way for people to document and share their lives … enter the selfie. A selfie is defined as a picture of a person being taken by that person. Moreover, selfies are saturating our society and are commonly being used as a mode of communication rather than serving as a memory for years to come. Impromptu opportunities for taking a selfie and using them to show off new personal care or cosmetic products are driving trends for instant gratification. Today, more consumers are looking for makeup and skin care products that help them achieve a photo-ready appearance instantly. Growing movements within social media of going makeup-free and not retouching images are evidenced by the abundance of #NoFilter, #BeautifulMe and many other related campaigns on social media. These ensure a positive outlook for immediate and photo-ready beauty trends for years to come.

Combining on demand expectations with a growing image-conscious society is paving the way for emerging segments within the beauty sector. With these trends come opportunities for new products that deliver rapidly perceivable benefits, such as skin tightening, to create flawlessly smooth and younger looking skin. Natural Product Insider reports skin tightening to be among the top skin care benefits for 2015.

With this in mind, TRI-K Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce Fision™ Instant Lift, a natural, non-GMO solution for firming and smoothing skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and quickly turn the clock back on aging. This easy to use, water soluble product creates a light-weight film that tightens as water evaporates to lift the skin. Image analysis reveals striking reductions in wrinkle depth and improvements in elasticity. Consumer evaluations support the clinical findings and confirm that after only one application, Fision™ Instant Lift leaves skin firmer, lifted, more flexible, younger looking and more radiant than both the placebo and baseline. Whether looking to create impeccably smooth skin for a wearable, photo-shopped appearance or a primer for everyday use, Fision™ Instant Lift delivers on demand firming for a photo-ready face.


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