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In addition to courses for the beginning chemist, natural products and optimization of formulas, in partnership with program director Perry Romanowski, Cosmetics & Toiletries has added a fourth course to its Complete Cosmetic Chemist Training Program: Physiology of the Skin, featuring board-certified dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos, MD. This course presents an exclusive look at how cosmetic scientists, when armed with the medical knowledge of skin functions and the mechanisms behind healthy skin, can apply this holistic perspective to cosmetic science for the development of safe and effective products. The Physiology of the Skin course consists of 8 lessons, totalling an approximate run-time of 6 hr and 25 min, and includes the Physiology of the Skin textbook by Draelos and Peter T. Pugliese, MD.

About the Complete Cosmetic Chemist Training Program

This online community is aimed at developing the skills of new formulators and seasoned cosmetic professionals alike. Each multilesson course provides insight and information from the industry's most esteemed experts, and the Web-based video format allows participants to learn at their own pace and at their convenience. Each course lesson features quizzes that are designed to ensure comprehension of all subject matter, and a Certificate of Completion is awarded upon the successful closure of each course. An online discussion forum and monthly live chats with subject matter experts are included for course participants, to take the learning experience even further.

Additional courses available include the following:

Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry—12 lessons, Total approx. run time, 11 hr, 22 min: Led by Perry Romanowski, this course covers all the essentials of cosmetic science to help chemists become confident and competent formulators. A copy of Romanowski and Randy Schueller’s best-selling book, Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry, Third Edition is also included in the registration for this course.

Developing Natural Cosmetic Formulations—9 lessons, Total approx. run time, 10 hr, 13 min: Experienced, international educators and hands-on natural formulators Judi Beerling and Art Georgalas present this course, which will afford new and seasoned formulators alike the opportunity to learn all about the raw material palette and practical aspects of constructing natural personal care products for the growing naturals market. A copy of Anthony C. Dweck’s Formulating Natural Cosmetics is included with the purchase of this course.

Optimization for Cosmetics—5 lessons, Total approx. run time, 4 hr, 56 min: Steven Abbott, PhD, delivers a series of lectures based on the ideas of his recently departed colleague and collaborator, Johann W. Wiechers, PhD. This course allows seasoned chemists and formulators to think afresh about many of the fundamentals that apply directly to their everyday work ethic. Participants in this course will receive a copy of Abbott’s Rheology for Skin Care Formulators Guide, data analysis spreadsheets and the data analysis software program referred to throughout the course.

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