Missing Pages?

Let’s play a game. Look at the bottom of this page for two differences. I’ll give you a hint: We’ve made two changes that make Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine 1) easier to reach and 2) easier to reference. Give up?

First of all, as loyal readers (with a sharp eye for detail) may have noticed, the “Contact Us” section has been updated to include two new outlets through which we can be reached: Twitter and LinkedIn. Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine editors post live updates from major industry events using Twitter so if you can’t physically attend you can “virtually” by following along at Twitter.com/CandTEditor. As an alternative, if you’re not a Twitter user, the same live updates are posted simultaneously to our website at CosmeticsandToiletries.com/networking.

Besides these shorter updates, the Cosmetics & Toiletries LinkedIn Group provides readers with a forum to foster the exchange of ideas and advice in relation to personal care product development. Access to this group is managed so that the majority of members are R&D experts at major manufacturers, although a certain percentage also includes members from suppliers, consultancies, educational facilities, etc.

The second change is in the page numbering. If upon opening this issue you asked, “Am I missing pages?” I assure you that you are not. Based on reader and advisor feedback, to reflect the technical nature of the brand and simplify the frequent citation of articles, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine has implemented consecutive page numbering across all 12 issues. While this change may appear minor, readers should note that this means the starting page of an issue begins where the previous issue left off. Thus, with each edition, besides the volume and issue number, the page ranges will be included.

As I alluded to in the January issue, these are just some of the changes in store for 2011 that reflect a new, more highly focused Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine to better serve the needs of formulators and product developers. For instance, recognizing that the demand for natural products poses unique challenges to R&D, in this issue, we introduce a new column, “Formulating with Naturals” by Arthur Georgalas, to assist product developers targeting this market.

We hope these continuing efforts show that we are actually not playing games; we simply are aiming to build content that fits your needs in order to win your affection—especially during this St. Valentine’s Day month.

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