Gentle Lye Relaxer

Interpolymer Corp.

Water (aqua) 51.90%w/w
Propylene glycol 2.00
Polyacrylate-15 (Syntran PC 5208, Interpolymer) 8.00
Emulsifying wax NF (Polywax NF, Croda) 7.50
Cetyl alcohol (Cetyl Alcohol, Protameen) 1.00
Petrolatum (Snow White Petrolatum, Penreco) 8.00
Paraffinum liquidum (mineral) oil (Drakeol 7 Lt. Mineral Oil, Penreco) 11.00
Oleth-10 (Volpo 10, Croda) 2.00
Steareth-2 (Brij 72, Uniqema) 0.50
Water (aqua) 0.50
Sodium hydroxide 2.10

Procedure: Add A to vessel and begin heating to 75-80° C. Stir until batch is homogeneous. With batch at 75-80°C, add B in order to batch. Stir between each addition until homogenous emulsion results. Cool batch to 35°C. In a separate water-cooled vessel with high-shear stirring, prepare C. Premix will become extemely hot; cool as needed. Slowly add C to batch. Homomix until batch is homogeneous and smooth.

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