[podcast] How Function of Beauty Makes Hair Care Personal


For Function of Beauty, personalized hair care solutions largely started as a technology play, explains Zahir Dossa, CEO and co-founder of the company. With his and Joshua Maciejewski's technical/engineering background from MIT, paired with the skilled formulating expertise of Hien Nguyen, this bustling brand has served up some 54 trillion different formulations.

Dossa explained, "I was looking at the industry and realizing that everybody had such a unique set of hair goals, preferences, etc., but obviously when you walk into an aisle of hair care, you're bombarded with a ton of different choices, and despite the availability of various shampoos, at the end of the day, you're constantly making trade-offs. So it's very difficult to find maybe the two hair goals that you really care about on a shelf, and then on top of that, have it be a fragrance that you prefer, and whatnot.

"Even then, we know that if you were to only get a shampoo and conditioner with only two hair goals, you're still going to be underserved. In general, on average, women have about four hair goals they are looking to satisfy or meet. So the big idea just came around with realizing, 'well, what if we used technology to solve this problem by basically being able to fill individual bottles with exactly what customers wanted?' So rather than trading off and deciding 'here's the best compromise,' what if we created a new system that was able to capture a customer's preferences, needs, etc., and then actually have the operational back end to [achieve this.]"

Dossa will present on how Function of Beauty has broken the traditional hair care market mold it at the Personalized Beauty Summit, held Oct. 30-31, 2019, in London. In this exclusive podcast, sponsored by INOLEX, he gets into some of the technical details.

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