in-cosmetics Announces Workshop Schedule

The workshop schedule for in-cosmetics 2013 has been announced, with topics such as anti-aging formulation, green formulation and microbiology.

Day One Workshops

There will be Worldwide Regulatory Affairs workshops, both taking place on Apr. 16, 2013. The first one will cover the regulatory landscape in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN, India), Australia, the United States, South America and Canada, while the second will tackle the new Cosmetics Regulation and the role of the responsible person.

Both junior and veteran formulators can learn formulation tricks and techniques in the Cosmetic Formulation Optimization workshop, which attendees will find useful for solving real-world product development problems.

Anti-aging will be the focus in the Hair Science in Cosmetic Research workshop. Attendees can discusstenew ingredients to develop original formulations. In addition, they will iscuss new in vitro techniques to study hair biology and new models of clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products and nutritional supplements for hair treatment.

Attendees can then gain valuable insight into the world of microorganisms at the Cosmetic Microbiology workshop. Subjects will include:  microbiological analysis, preservatives, biocides, plant management and the use of microorganisms to produce novel ingredients for the cosmetic industry

Judi Beerling from Organic Monitor will then speak to attendees about green formulating at the Formulating Using Green Ingredients workshop. This workshop gives details on the green ingredients per major raw material class: surfactants, emollients, emulsifiers, preservatives, polymers, etc. The formulation and technical challenges of using these green ingredients vis-à-vis synthetic materials are highlighted. Practical advice and guidance is given to organizations looking at using these green raw materials in their formulations.

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