NineSigma Calls for Ammonia Free of Masking Technologies

NineSigma has received a request, RFP# 66099, for ammonia odor management in permanent hair colorants. The request encourages companies or academic researchers with a solution to ammonia odor to submit their technologies.

The request, made by a Fortune 500 company, invites proposals either for permanent hair colorant formulations that are ammonia free or technologies that effectively manage the unpleasant odors emanating from ammonia containing formulations.

Solutions to this request will: not inhibit the oxidation process during the hair coloration reaction; be stable during the typical application time (30-60 min) and temperature (20-35°C); be easily incorporated into the product, ideally without changes to the existing production process; be cost effective, preferable be commercially available or at least able to be commercialized within 1-3 years; be safe to use in consumer products and not increase consumer safety risks; and ideally be already registered for use in cosmetic products.

Possible approaches could include: alternative technologies that open the cuticle, innovative odor masking technologies, a device capable of absorbing ammonia odors and novel alkalizing technologies. Approaches that are not of interest include technologies that trigger or inhibit the neural scent system in the nose and technologies that work as a catalyst for oxidative reactions.

Those companies or researchers with a solution to the request or who would like to read more detail about the request can visit The final submission date for proposal briefs is June 18, 2010. Proposals can be submitted through the response template at

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