Hair-styling Polymer Introduced

International Specialty Products has created a fixative polymer with enhanced hair-styling benefits. AquaStyle 300 (INCI:  Polyquaternium-69) is the result of the copolymerization of vinyl pyrrolidone and vinyl caprolactam with quaternized and alkylated moieties. According to the company, the ingredient was created to answer the need for a better performing hair-styling polymer.

The ingredient's molecular structure reportedly does not compromise basic formulation attributes such as clarity, stability, foam properties and utility in meeting low VOC requirements. The polymer is also water-soluble. The ingredient is recommended for formulation into a range of cosmetic ingredients, including: anionic gellants, clear and cream gels, aerosol and non-aerosol mousses and styling lotions and sprays.

The company reports that improved water resistance for increased hold has been demonstrated by high-humidity curl retention testing. In addition, enhanced mechanical properties have been characterized by texture analysis and supported by both subjective panel and salon testing. Shine and anti-frizz effects were documented by the company using digital image analysis.

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