Conditioning and Repair in the Crosshairs: Free Ebook


There’s a lot happening in hair—and I don’t mean the market segment. Hair itself is growing (or not) and graying; kinking and curling; frizzing, fading, breaking, flaking or flying away, etc. Then we consumers come in with an arsenal of flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, dyes and relaxers, growth tonics, styling aids and all sorts of other tools and products the industry has devised to put hair back in its place.

But where does that leave the original fiber? Enter: hair condition and repair products. Some argue once protein is lost or scales are uplifted, there’s little hope for repairing the hair. Of course, that doesn’t keep innovators from trying. Attempts have been made to flatten and seal cuticles, stitch fibers together and smooth them over—to at the very least improve hair’s current condition at the surface while protecting it against further assault.

That’s where this free ebook, Hair Conditioning/Repair, comes in. Sponsored by Croda, it presents the latest advances in conditioning and repair technologies to support your hair product development efforts. We open with a market report that surveys the current status of consumer hair preferences, then present a technical article by Evans on ways to capture and quantify the different forms of damage to hair’s cuticle.

Following these pieces are the bulk of this book—a directory of the newest ingredients and formulary of novel product concepts all targeting hair conditioning and repair. Download it today to boost your innovation infantry and conquer this consumer market.

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