Frizzblend MAX: Controlling Hair Frizz in High Humidity | FREE Data Sheet Download


Frizzy hair can affect everyone, but those with wavy and curly hair are particularly prone, especially when humidity levels are higher.

One popular remedy is leave-in frizz control products. Frizzblend Max from Innospec provides superior anti-frizz benefits that can deliver up to 90% frizz reduction at 80°F/27°C and 80% relative humidity.

High humidity-caused frizz occurs when the cuticle layer of hair is raised and allows moisture form the high humidity to be absorbed by the hair.

Hair that has been damaged by chemical processing, thermal styling, mechanical styling and environmental factors can lead to the hair becoming “porous,” allowing it to absorb more moisture.

Anti-frizz technology must provide

  • Good application feel;
  • Even distribution on the hair with limited migration over time; and
  • Leave the hair feeling and looking natural.

Contact us today to try Innospec’s latest frizz control technologies.

Download Frizzblend Max data sheet to learn more about how to formulate with this product.


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