Luviset Polymers Optimize Hair Styling Formulations

Luviset® One is a multi-functional polymer that offers unique high performance in a range of styling products. It can be used alone in clear gels or combined with other styling products to reach extreme levels of styling. It can be formulated with oils and waxes to achieve new textures and effects, as well as combined with secondary thickeners to provide economic daily styling solutions. It has a milky emulsion appearance, with an active matter of 30% in water. This product has a viscosity Brookfield (RVT, 23°C, Sp2, 100rpm) of 100 to 200 mPas, a pH value (25°C; as is) of 5.0-6.0, and an acid value of 65 to 85mg KOH/g. 

Luviset® Clear AT 3 is a water-soluble, nonionic styling polymer that allows the formulation of clear gels with less tack, humidity resistance and stronger hold. Luviset Clear AT 3 is easy to use and is compatible with a wide range of thickeners. It is a solution of approximately 20 % polymer in water and preserved with approximately a 1 % mixture of 3-phenylpropanol, propan-1,3-diol, octan-1,2-diol and phenoxyethanol. 

Today’s consumers are increasingly focused on standing out with an individual style—and when it comes to personal expression, there’s no better medium than hair. From blond to black, straight to curly, short to long: whatever the color or style, people want their hair to look healthy, beautiful and shiny. The proven performance of BASF ingredients provides individual care that’s exactly right, whatever the hair type. The marketing concepts and ideas for formulations also help customers to bring their products rapidly to the market and to be commercial successes.


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