Ending the Cycle of Split Ends

Split ends are a concern for many consumers. The hair care market abounds with products that claim to address hair damage. According to Mintel, nearly 950 products have been launched within the past three years, comprising 25% of all new hair care launches in the United States. Upon further analysis, one will find that the vast majority of these products have technology and claims aimed at preventing damage, not repairing it, which leaves many consumers disappointed with the performance of their current products designed to solve a highly important consumer need.

In 2011, Alberto-Culver Co., now a part of the Unilever Group, launched a split end repairing linea to its Nexxus Salon Hair Care brand that is believed to be the first line of products fully dedicated to split end repair. This article reviews new discoveries around the formation of split ends, compositions designed to repair them and advanced microscopy techniques for claims communication as discovered by the R&D team behind the line.

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