Amino Alcohols Introduced at in-cosmetics Paris


Angus Chemical Company showcased a variety of new amino alcohols at in-cosmetics Paris.

“At Angus, it’s our goal to deliver a full line of specialty neutralizers and pH buffers that is perfectly suited for personal care and cosmetics formulations,” said Liam Doherty, business vice president, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. “Our vision is dedicated to creating solutions that raise performance in a wide range of applications. Our multifunctional specialty additives enable customers to make products compliant with regulations, limiting secondary amines. We are pleased to showcase our latest amino alcohols that will help our customers stay at the forefront of personal care innovation.”

Amp-Ultra PC consists of a range for hair and personal care, which includes: Amp-Ultra PC 1000 (INCI: aminomethyl propanol), Amp-Ultra PC 2000 (INCI: aminomethyl propanol) and Amp-Ultra PC 3000 (INCI: aminomethyl propanol). While producing natural-looking color and simultaneously reducing hair swelling or damage, the line is a mild alkalinizing agent with a low odor. The range provides neutralization and controls pH in hair fixative resins. Additionally, it offers superior high-humidity curl retention; right balance of flexibility and hold; washability and in-can corrosion resistance, ideal for aerosols.

Ris Amino Ultra PC (INCI: tromethamine) for skin care and cosmetics was also exhibited at the show. The pharmacopoeia-listed ingredient has low odor and high purity and is recognized for its mildness, specifically in leave-on applications.

Ampd Ultra PC (INCI: aminomethyl propandiol) was showcased for eye care and color cosmetics. Low in odor and consisting of hypoallergenic qualities, the neutralizer for mascara and eye makeup is mild.

Additionally, the company shared news of its new customer application center in Paris for European customers. Working as a collaborative hub, the center will bring together technical services and regulations to the industry.

“We are poised for growth, and through our global network of Customer Application Centers, we are able to help our customers perform better,” said Doherty.

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