Layered Color-travel Pigments for a V-shaped Facial Appearance

For many women, the most favorable facial profile is V-shaped or a slim oval; narrowing from the cheeks down to the chin to resemble a “V.” This shape is interpreted to be more attractive, feminine and younger. Aesthetic and invasive treatments to achieve this look have become increasingly popular.1, 2 There are also non-surgical options to achieve this effect such as the use of onabotulinumtoxinAa,3-5 face rollers, heat masks and other topical skin care products for slimming and firming the face. These non-surgical treatments gradually change the face, resulting in a thinner look. Another option, explored here, is to provide a slimmer appearance without physical change—i.e., the use of makeup to create the illusion of a thinner, V-line face. Described here is a facial powder formulated with layered color-travel pigments to provide such an effect, and evaluations to determine its efficacy.

Optical Effects

Studies have shown that color-travel pigments provide angle-dependent optical effects6, 7 that can be beneficial for cosmetics, such as to contour the face. For the present study, a facial powder was formulated with layered color-travel pigments composed of mica coated with titanium dioxide, iron oxides and silica. These multi-layered pigments reflect light at specular and diffusion angles to impart a color-flop effect of brightness and darkness, respectively. Figure 1 shows a schematic of the pigments with these light reflection effects.

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