Beauty-Based Tea Line Expands into Personal Care


SalonTea, a line of tea that touts skin care benefits, is launching a collection of bath, body and skin care products based around tea. BeauTea has been in the makings for years, according to the company's creator, Tracy Stern.

The new collection will be formulated with green tea. In addition, the BeauTea collection will also feature a line of teas that address specific problems including: natural, slimming, sleeping beauty, toxic and awakening. The collection with include foot, bath and eye teas, tea-infused perfume, eye gel, moisturizing lotion, soap and lip balm. According to the collection's creator, tea should be applied topically and ingested for its user to experience its full benefits.

In addition to the BeauTea launch, the company also plans to launch a line of tea-based cosmeceutical products featuring a blend of white tea and ginger in the fall. The cosmeceutical line reportedly will include a cleanser, facial wash, serum and moisturizer.

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