Givaudan Active Beauty Elates the Senses with its New Sensory Experience

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to introduce “Fragrance on the move”; an inspiring fusion of fine fragrances and cosmetics that enables consumers to rethink their daily beauty routine.

This innovative concept includes four products offering novel sensory textures while merging advanced cosmetic actives and fine fragrances to enhance beauty and delight senses.

Each product creates its own emotion and is dedicated for one specific part of the body:

  • Attraction: A neck and décolleté lotion to unveil new seduction supremacy.
  • Perfection: A dry body oil SPF 20 to revive body’s beauty.
  • Affirmation: A hair elixir to beautify the hair and leave a precious mark.
  • Sensation: A light legs mist to let the freshness transport oneself.

Uncover more about Givaudan Active Beauty on our website: www.givaudan.com/fragrances/active-beauty


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