Neurocosmetics and Vectorization Big in 2009

Science and technology will play a big part in 2009 personal care ingredients, according to a post by beauty blog Beauty Editor Post. The blog maintains to be a consumer's guide to spa treatments, professional skin care and antiaging product reviews written by skin care educators and industry veterans.

The blog finds that intelligent skin care, nanotechnology, targeted delivery, neurocosmetics and time frame licenses will be the top five ingredient trends of 2009. Intelligent skin care is referring to the ingredients that make the skin repair, regenerate and detoxify itself more efficiently. The piece cites peptides that trigger DNA to repair itself quicker. Although the concept of nanotechnology may be familiar to many in the beauty industry, the blog finds that targeted delivery such as encapsulation and vectorization will continue to flourish in 2009.

Neurocosmetic ingredients, according to the piece, "have the ability to affect the brain's response to topical treatments with specific ingredients programmed to trigger a desired response." Possibly the most interesting trend in the list for personal care suppliers, is time frame licenses. Reportedly, suppliers are registering trademarks on ingredients without disclosing what is in the ingredient or how it is made, only to sell the trademarks to finished product manufacturers to use in their products for a specific amount of time.

The personal care industry certainly has seen the involvement of advanced technology in ingredient creation in the last few years. Terms such as nanotechnology and encapsulation are now becoming commonplace. What lies ahead undoubtedly will involve the effort of many and a partnership with other industries.

-Beauty Editor Post


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