Estée Lauder Utilizes Sirtuin Research for Youth Creme

Estée Lauder is formulating with a new molecule it terms the "youth molecule." The company is using resveratrate as its key ingredient in its latest addition to the Re-Nutriv line, Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Creme.

The molecule was discovered by David Sinclair, PhD, of Harvard Medical School and Leonar Guarante, PhD, of the Massachusettes Institute of Technology. The two researched sirtuin enzymes and how they influence cell longevity. According to the company, while resveratrol is effective, it has limited solubility and instability in high concentrations. Resveratrate, however, is said to allow the molecule to penetrate deeply into the skin creating a reservoir for the skin to draw upon.

In addition to resveratrate, the formula will also contain South Sea pearl-micasilica, Camelia sativa oil and a deep-sea organism found in the Gulf of California. The formula is targeted for women in their 30s and will be launched in January 2008. For more information, visit


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