Smooth Operator: Givaudan Unveils Stabilized Retinol


Givaudan Active Beauty has launched Spherulite R10, a microencapsulated stabilized retinol.

Though it is the most well-known ingredient to reverse the signs of aging—with one in four consumers looking for it in their skin care products—retinol is notoriously difficult to stabilize in formula. Spherulite R10 enables vitamin A to have a better bioavailability into the epidermis.

“The advanced microencapsulation technology of Spherulite R10 allows the protection and stabilization of retinol in the multi-layered crystalline microcapsules, bringing solutions to all formulators of retinol products.” Said Marina Egorova, category manager, Givaudan Active Beauty. “The non-ionic nature of these capsules enables a better penetration into the skin where the retinol is slowly released, thus preventing any adverse reactions such as irritation.”

To showcase the ingredient, the company crafted S3D PoweR-10, a micro-vectorized retinol anti-aging night cream, providing an experience it describes as “vectorized youth therapy.”

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