Fragrance Companies Venture into Organic

In response to the natural and organic trend in personal care products, fragrance companies now are developing organic options for formulations. After nearly 12 years of research, drom fragrances has recently developed pureganic, an essential oils line that is created through the cultivation and harvesting of plants with strict ecological guidelines.

Drom's perfume plants are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. According to the company, both the terrain and the origin of the seeds has to be pre-approved. The oils are processed using mobile distillation equipment that is taken to the site via a variant on water vapor extraction to preserve the freshness of the product. This technique was developed with the University of Munich and the Bavarian State Institute of Soil Culture and Plant Growth.

Benefits of the new process include an olfactory profile that is different from the profile normally produced. In addition, forgotten fragrances are being rediscovered at previously unknown levels of intensity. The greatest benefit of all for the company, however, is its ability to offer the personal care market an organic option. For more information, visit

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