Grant Discusses Water-coated Silicone Technology

At in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona, Grant Inc. will discuss its solution for dispersing standard silicone elastomers in water. Gransil SiW Elastomer Gels offer formulators the opportunity for loading high levels of polysilicone-11 elastomer into water-based gel structures with minimal use of emulsifiers (below 0.5%), and by cold processing methods.

The stable formulations achieved with such low levels of emulsifiers also serve as excellent delivery-bases for active ingredients. The elastomer gels can be formulated to offer unique sensory benefits with a water-to-powder break on application. The outer water phase cools, soothes and hydrates skin on contact. Seconds later, silicone elastomer particles release from a gel matrix to fill lines and even complexion with a soft powder-like texture.

The gels can also be used to improve sensory aesthetics of existing emulsions with easy post addition. Applications include skin care, daily wear, color cosmetics, sun care, body care and hair care.

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