Tara Gum for Emulsion Thickening and Texturizing

Seppic has launched a thickening and texturizing polymer that is 100% plant-derived. Solagum Tara (INCI: Caesalpinia Spinsosa Gum) can be used to thicken and stabilize emulsions and cream-gels.

The gum is a polysaccharide derived from the seeds of the tara, an emblematic shrub native to the Andean valleys of Peru. In addition to thickening and stabilizing, it also acts as a texturizing agent by providing formulations with a structuring effect and soft feel. Marketed as a powder that hydrates instantly in water, this nonionic polysaccharide can be used hot or cold.

The gum is recommended for medium or thick consistency formulations in concentrations ranging from 0.5–2%. The gum provides formulators with a high resistance to electrolytes, making it particularly suitable for chassis formulas. Even when enriched with active ingredients, the formulas maintain a constant viscosity (tested with up to 2% sodium chloride).

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