Water-soluble Silicone Wax for Feel in Hair and Skin Care

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (SESA), a US subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan, has introduced a water-soluble silicone wax that imparts desirable sensorial properties. KF-6004 (INCI: PEG-32 Methyl Ether Dimethicone) features an ABA chemical architecture that combines polyether and a large silicone block to deliver an optimal surface orientation.

The silicone is white, odorless and of high purity. It imparts a soft and silky feel to skin. The hydrolytically stable, polyether modified silicone wax is designed to enhance performance benefits for a wide array of cosmetic formulations including: hair care, skin care, color cosmetics and personal cleansers.

The silicone wax is water-soluble with low surface energy due to its ABA architecture. It is easy to formulate into both w/o and w/o emulsions. Its low surface energy further delivers consumer perceivable sensorial benefits for consumers in look (non-frizz, shiny, glowing) as well as feel (smooth, silky, moisturizing, cushiony).

The silicone wax offers the combined benefits of foam booster, detackifier, moisturizer, texturizer and stabilizer, among others.

The company conducted a frizz control study with 1% w/w of the silicone wax in a w/s chassis vs. blank, untreated hair. The tests showed the hair tresses treated with the silicone wax formulation were softer, smoother and silkier compared to the untreated and control treatments. The company concluded that the silicone wax provided two hours of frizz control at 25°C and a 90% relative humidity.

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