Improving Skin Feel, Stability

Grant Industries will present its portfolio of ingredients designed to improve the skin feel of formulas at booth 937 during the NY SCC Suppliers' Day. Ingredients such as silicone elastomer gels, silicone products, microsphere powders, silicone copolyol surfactants, physical UV dispersions, silicone acrylate resins, active delivery systems and more.

For example, the recently launched Gransolve DMI is a 100% pure, easily formulated solvent that is sustainably derived from renewable corn sugar. It is used to stabilize, solvate and deliver active ingredients to the skin for significantly higher efficacy and performance attributes. Its polarity is well-matched to the epidermis to boost the penetration of actives into the upper layers of the skin for improved efficacy and value. In sunless tanners, it has the net effect of stabilizing DHA and providing uniform coverage for an even tan. In hair coloring, it can improve the depth of color and increase color deposition, and even can be used to reduce the overall irritation of some actives.

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