Sense, Repair and Protect

Croda Inc. presents ingredients focused on sensory benefits, i.e., look and feel; active conditioning; and UV protection, which the company demonstrates through four major market themes at the 2012 NY SCC Suppliers’ Day, at booth #145. The trends include: create, indulge, protect and thrive. "Create" refers to customization and personalization. "Indulge" suggests affordable luxury that offers treats for the senses, while "Protect" addresses the need for sun and environmental protection. "Thrive" gives the sense of a life full of vigor and well-being. Visitors can experience these trends through prototype formulation stations.

Within these themes, the company will present its VibraRiche product, a liquid technology that offers hair color formulators an advantage by delivering shinier, more vibrant and longer-lasting color to the consumer. Since this product is a quaternary ammonium compound that is substantive to hair, it leaves hair feeling soft, nourished and conditioned while sharpening the hair’s color. Find this product at the “Indulge” station.

Crodafos BES-70 (Build Exceptional Sensory) is a 70% active phosphate ester based on behenyl chemistry. The product has a distinctly different feel from other phosphate esters and its high activity level allows for cost effective formulations with the flexibility to create the desired sensory experience. Formulators can create thick, stable systems over a broad pH range, including acne treatments, self-tanners and other systems with difficult to use actives. Find this product at the “Indulge” station.

Keramimic 2.0 is a new keratin quat that provides targeted restoration to the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface. Find this product at the “Thrive” station.

Solaveil AT-300 is the first product in the Solaveil ABC range of titanium dioxide dispersions. This dispersion creates a physical shield on skin and offers broad-spectrum UV protection, specifically designed for regulatory requirements in the United States. The ingredient is recommended for sun care formulations, in particular for babies, children and individuals with sensitive skin, or products making “natural” claims, due to its naturally derived carrier. Find this product at the “Protect” station.

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