Trimethylsiloxysilicate Film-Formers for Hair/Skin Feel

At In-Cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, BRB International BV will launch a trimethylsiloxysilicate line of film-formers for a variety of applications. The range offers three varieties of BRB TMS (trimethylsiloxysilate): BRB TMS, BRB TMS-30D and BRB TMS-50C.

According to the company, the main features of the BRB TMS (Trimethylsilioxysilate) products are: film-forming, unique feel, resistance to staining by water borne materials, water-repellency and long-lasting emolliency with little slip.

Trimethylsiloxysilicate is a highly cross-linked silicone resin primarily used for its film-forming attributes. It helps hold pigments in place while providing water-resistance in skin care and color cosmetic applications. In skin care formulations, it brings a long-lasting effect in protective creams, baby creams, insect repellent and sunscreen creams and lotions. In hair care compositions, the silicone resin provides volume and body, while imparting humidity resistance to the hair.

BRB TMS is a trimethylsiloxysilicate powder from MQ resin. It has excellent flowability, prevents agglomeration and maintains the free-flowing characteristics in loose-powder products. It can be compounded with polydimethylsiloxanes and cyclics.

BRB TMS-30D is a 30% trimethylsiloxysilicate in dimethicone. It has properties similar to a moderately high viscosity silicone oil, but with superior water repellency. It is ideal in formulating products for "working hands" where lubricity is undesirable.

BRB TMS-50C is a 50% trimethylsiloxysilicate in cyclopentasiloxane. After the evaporation of cyclopentasiloxane, the high molecular weight resin forms a highly durable film.

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