Natural Product/Silicone Hybrid Fluids for Improved Feel

Gelest Inc. has modified natural products with trisiloxanes of low molecular weight siloxanes in its latest launch, Vertasil Trisiloxane Modified Natural Products. This hybrid fluid line imparts properties ranging from light, dry feeling, volatile vehicles to emollient fluids that are used to enhance slip and reduce tack in skin care and color cosmetics. In color cosmetics, the hybrids are said to wet organic and inorganic pigments in foundations, eye shadows, blushes and lip color better than natural products or silicones.

Vertasil TM-L01 (INCI: Limonenyltrisiloxane), is a natural component version of caprylyl trimethicone derived from limonene. Limonenyltrisiloxane reportedly combines the light feel and cleansing properties of limonene with the low surface tension of silicones without the characteristic aroma of limonene. It imparts a light, dry feel with excellent spreading qualities and no tacky residue. It can serve as a vehicles or long wear foundation and eye shadows or perform as an additive in bath and tanning oils to enhance spreadability and reduce tack.

Vertasil TM-VE1 (INCI: Tocopheryloxypropyltrisiloxane) is a combination of siloxane and natural tocopherol derived from soybean oil. The tocopheryl substituent adds skin treatment properties to the siloxane backbone while the siloxane component improves the slip and skin feel of tocopherol. This material can spread more readily than pure tocopherol and act as a solvent in a number of mineral and vegetable waxes. It reportedly can be used as a co-compatibilizer for natural tocopherol in formulations and is recommended in skin care and lip products to provide softening, emolliency and moisturization.

In addition, Vertasil Natural Product Tipped Siloxanes combine natural products with one end of a low molecular weight siloxane that, according to the company, retain the salient characteristics of the natural product in formulations while allowing the desirable accent of the natural product, such as shine or cleansing, in a form that is biocompatible.

Vertasil VAN-07 (Proposed INCI: Omega-anisyldimethicone) is derived from the essential oil of tarragon. It combines the high refractive index of anise with the lower surface tension of polysiloxanes to form high luster thin films that are compatible with a wide range of organics and silicones.

Vertasil VLM-07 (Proposed INCI: Omega-limonenyldimethicone) is comprised of the limonene found in the oil of a citrus rind. This fluid has a light, emollient touch and is soluble in a wide range of organics and silicones.

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